rCBI + you = 🤝

Our actions are what define us. The strength of our growth and impact comes from our commitment to the club, to our fellow peers and most importantly to our community. The effort that you put towards the club, will be reciprocated in the investment towards your personal and professional development.

This is our definition of a rCBI member.

Club Members are:

  • Young people - aged between 18 - 35.

  • Are passionate about community service.

  • Community leaders that drive change.

When you are a Club Member, you will:

  • Organise community projects.

  • Plan fundraising events.

  • Co-ordinate charitable initiatives.

  • Frequently attend monthly club meetings.

  • Provide significant operational assistance.

  • Dedicate regular time to community service.

The Club Membership is for:

  • Volunteering your time, consistently.

  • Involvement in all projects.

When you purchase a Club Membership, you get:

  • Invited to all (exclusive) social events.

  • Further discounted event pricing.

  • Club merchandise.

During monthly meetings, Club Members will:

  • Get access to professional development workshops.

  • Have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers.

The benefits of becoming an rCBI club member include:

  • Joining a world-recognised non-profit organisation, renown for its humanitarian services and integrity.

  • Being a part of a global network of Rotaract clubs, made of like-minded and passionate young people.

  • Building strong friendships with other young people within local, domestic and international clubs.

  • Discovering personal and professional opportunities through fellow members and industry leaders.

  • Developing professional (‘soft’) skills that you can leverage in your future career.