Plant a Tree Day

29th July, 2018


On Sunday the 29th of July a few members from rCBI, woke up nice and early with shovels and gloves in hand; headed out to Mount Gravatt Lookout to celebrate and support National Tree Day. With the beautiful morning breeze rolling in and the invigorating feeling of nature, rCBI got down and dirty and began to support the cause.

As stationed on the side of Mt Gravatt Lookout, we first started with pulling out and removing invasive weeds that had been introduced to the area in which had spread and consequently threaten the natural habitat of the plants and fauna. 

Alongside our efforts to help the environment, it was great to also see a large group of young girls & boys scouts there too with their incredible enthusiasm and eagerness to help. Their energy and curiosity was undeniably contagious that really led to encourage our motivation and willingness to help. 

Following the weeds, we rotated over to help plant various sizes of plants and trees. From the local experts that were present, we learned the appropriate procedures and conditions that was required to allow healthy and strong development of these plants. By using the correct soil, fertiliser and water storage crystals; which helps reduces water consumption and delivers more hydration to the roots, we were hard at work and made an incredible contribution to the area. 

Ultimately, this was a great experience for rCBI. Not only did we had fun and bonded with each other, we also learned and gained much needed appreciation for our natural surroundings. After picking up many pieces of litter; especially broken glass, our group of 7 from rCBI has definitely become more aware and conscious of our own carbon and environmental impact. This was a great experience that we will cherish and hope to make  it a club priority.  

Jade Andreev

Rahil - Sebastian - Poppy
Tree Day is an opportunity for you to do something positive for your community and the environment by connecting with nature.
— National Tree Day
Rahil Padarath